Sodium Hyaluronate Collagen Gummy
Sodium Hyaluronate Collagen Gummy
Dosage Form: Gummy
Specification: 4g
Product Name
Sodium Hyaluronate Collagen Gummy
Dosage Form
Core Ingredients
Sodium Hyaluronate, Fish Collagen Peptides 50mg


Gummy vitamins manufacturing facility

Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd. has built a 100,000-level clean GMP nutritional gummy production workshop, introduced more than ten automated advanced production equipment and packaging equipment, equipped with imported starch molds to achieve rapid drying and powder removal, and can flexibly produced and adapted to various demands of different specifications, shapes, gelatin types, tastes, formulas, etc; from raw material odor masking, nutrient composition stability to product expiration date inspection, packaging compatibility and other aspects, the process has been improved to achieve a balance between taste and process, and reduce sugar and fat without reducing deliciousness.

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