Sodium Hyaluronate Snow Lotus Collagen Drink
Sodium Hyaluronate Snow Lotus Collagen Drink
Dosage Form: Liquid/Beverage
Specification: The company can produce 10-100ml glass bottle beverage, 25-500ml plastic bottle beverage, 10-45ml pouch beverage, 8ml-60ml drops and other kinds of beverage, to meet customers' personalized customized needs.


Product NameSodium Hyaluronate Snow Lotus Collagen Drink
Dosage FormLiquid/Beverage
SpecificationLiquid in 25ml/30mml/50ml pp bottle, 30/45ml soft drink, 30/50ml glass bottle
Core IngredientsAcerola Cherry Powder, Mangosteen Powder, Rooibos Tea, Sodium Hyaluronate, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Fructus Phyllanthi Powder, Broccoli Powder, Snow Lotus Culture

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Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd. can produce various types of drinks with different packaging features such as 10-100ml glass bottle drink, 25-500ml plastic bottle drink, 10-45ml pouch drink, 8ml-60ml drops and other types of drink. We can provide different services from contract manufacturing, in-house customized formula, private labeling to packaging and distribution to meet customers' individual needs.

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