Weihai Baihe successfully pass “BRC” level A standard
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Weihai Baihe successfully pass NSF&DSPC

the intelligent and transparent factory of Weihai Baihe successfully passed the GMP annual inspection and review of the Dietary Supplement of NSF (national health foundation). The experts of the audit group strictly follow the requirements of the cGMP laws and regulations of the United States to conduct a comprehensive review on the production workshop, storage, R&D and testing center, and product quality control management.After examination and verification, we highly approve the quality management system construction and operation of baihe shares.

Meanwhile, fish oil softgel also successfully passed the NSF DSPC audit, becoming the first domestic Dietary Supplement DSPC enterprise!So far, American customers of our company can mark “NSF” on the bottle label of “fish oil soft capsule” products sold in the terminal market of the United States. DSPC certification is not only the certification of the production strength and export quality of the enterprise, but also a powerful guarantee for further developing the international market and improving the comprehensive competitiveness and influence of the enterprise.

The certificate

  • Health food GMP production quality management standard certification
  • ISO9001 quality management system certification
  • ISO14001 environmental management system certification
  • OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification
  • HACCP food safety assurance system
  • CQC China quality certification center mark certification
  • CQM quality management system certification
  • The IAF recognizes BBS internationally
  • Certificate for the record of an export food production enterprise
  • Eu aquatic product registration
  • FDA registration
  • NSF factory certification