Algae Oil 1000mg Vegetarian Softgel
Calcium Drops

Algae oil Drops

Dosage: Oral Drops

Size: 30ml



Product Name:

Algae oil Drops


Active Ingredient Specification
Algae oil                                7.5g
DHA                               100mg/ml
Product Description
Algae oil could provide vegan DHA safely, keep away from marine pollution. DHA takes great role on the development of brain development. It has higher oxidation resistance, little fishy odor, more absorbable, and more suitable for babies, infants, and children.

Great Taste – as your prefer

Break through traditional dosage forms such as softgel and tablets, adopt innovative liquid dosage forms, much more convenient to swallow, to improve the rate of absorbtion and utilization, and reduce the irritation for the stomach.